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Re: HTB 2017 Tour Thread

the main things i had in my original post were:

-TMH heavy setlist, including manateen!
- nathan mentioned there would be two NEW SONGS. they played one. either there isn't another on the setlist, or they didn't play it because ~whatever~. i believe moreno filmed this.
- horse actually played a COVER SONG. it surprised and delighted me. i don't know if it's stupid to not want to spoil it. but it's a really great one by a uh renowned industrial artist that will get you PUMPED

-there are THREE new shirts:
1. black one with daniel's face and a new htb motto
2. white one with a PEKI PEKI PEKI doodle on it (should have gotten it myself)
3. white one with a ~bold design~ that uh, well you have to see it
-a fine, hipster grade tour poster of the hot dog design.
- stickers of daniel's face (a must have)

other facts:
-meet the Mistress General. she is kind and talkative
-ed edge is also along for the ride if you wish to talk to him. he has an accent now.
-BEEFSORE, what you correctly assumed was a pre-htb band nathan belonged to also included members of fu manchu
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