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Free Radical 03-30-2017 12:05 PM

HTB 2017 Tour Thread
Made as requested.

I've been following their facebook.
It makes me smile to see their faces and antics.

evil woman 03-31-2017 01:02 PM

Re: HTB 2017 Tour Thread
the main things i had in my original post were:

-TMH heavy setlist, including manateen!
- nathan mentioned there would be two NEW SONGS. they played one. either there isn't another on the setlist, or they didn't play it because ~whatever~. i believe moreno filmed this.
- horse actually played a COVER SONG. it surprised and delighted me. i don't know if it's stupid to not want to spoil it. but it's a really great one by a uh renowned industrial artist that will get you PUMPED

-there are THREE new shirts:
1. black one with daniel's face and a new htb motto
2. white one with a PEKI PEKI PEKI doodle on it (should have gotten it myself)
3. white one with a ~bold design~ that uh, well you have to see it
-a fine, hipster grade tour poster of the hot dog design.
- stickers of daniel's face (a must have)

other facts:
-meet the Mistress General. she is kind and talkative
-ed edge is also along for the ride if you wish to talk to him. he has an accent now.
-BEEFSORE, what you correctly assumed was a pre-htb band nathan belonged to also included members of fu manchu

evil woman 03-31-2017 01:06 PM

Re: HTB 2017 Tour Thread
also they formally rescinded their support of niacin on account of it giving you cancer .

"yeah, that was a mistake" --lord gold

OneArmedScissor 04-02-2017 12:11 AM

Re: HTB 2017 Tour Thread
I went to the Houston and Austin shows. 11th and 12th HTB shows for me, as far as I can remember, but hadn't seen them in 8 years. Still just as fun as back in the day when I was in highschool and this was all new to me.

Met the Mistress General, Ed Edge, and Gary LaChance for the first time. All wonderful people who talked my ear off, and each caused me to be involved in unpredictable sequences of events that I will remember forever.

New song is maybe titled, "A Reason to Live." At least they actually identify it as a new song now, because I bugged them after everyone acted like they went deaf when they played it unannounced in Houston.

There is so much more, but not telling...yet.

evil woman 04-03-2017 10:23 PM

Re: HTB 2017 Tour Thread
1. posting for future reference. moreno took a pic of the setlist but i'm not allowed to post links yet on this account.

a million exploding suns
a reason to live
lord gold
house of boo
horse the song
march of the pigs (nine inch nails)

2. also, a limited release vinyl pressing of r. borlax was mentioned

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