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Originally Posted by FreshFlesh View Post

in the end it was just a fucking car crash. Imo that shit was stupid. It just had all this build up and just didn't deliver for me. Just seemed so pointless. To me it just seemed like they just threw that ending in there and just said sure that works. that's just me though.
Ah, well.. the opening scene is a car crash as well.. and then there are momentary cutaways through out the movie showing scenes progressively leading up to that moment so, it's not at all something they just 'threw in'. The concept that I liked about the film was that everything in the story was a figment of Goslings character's imagination in his final moments alive. Or, one could say.. re living an entirely new life in the moments between life and death.
I do think the film lacked alot (as I said earlier) and it's not a film I'd recommend especially considering the potential of the actors involved is so much higher than what amalgamates in this film.
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