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Originally Posted by Goaters View Post
What was so shit about the ending that it pissed you off? - I can't remember the exact ending.
I thought Stay was a goofy movie and I personally wouldn't class it as a thriller.
I also thought the concept of the film was interesting but I didn't think the film its self executed it as well as it could or should have.
there are some really cool stylistic aspects to the film that I liked. I like the opening scene and there are some nice transitions dotted around as well as alot symbolism that I can remember coinciding with the reveal at the end.

in the end it was just a fucking car crash. Imo that shit was stupid. It just had all this build up and just didn't deliver for me. Just seemed so pointless. To me it just seemed like they just threw that ending in there and just said sure that works. that's just me though.
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