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Originally Posted by Lichtbringer View Post
I don't think anyone that isn't mentally handicapped, as you say, would agree with any of the absurd shit you just posted. And quite obviously, as past and present have proven, arguing with you is absolutely useless, 'cause you're just plain stupid.

/end "butthurt"
Everyone I've met in my life has done nothing but praise my intelligence, so no offense possibly taken, please keep trying. It's not the first time here and certainly won't be the last, but never ever have either of you succeeded in making me feel stupid from a single post you've made. You call this an argument? I have arguments on here that actually manage to get somewhere, and I've tried very hard with you two, you won't take a train home even if someone pays for you anyways. So calling this an argument is absurd as you two would never actually listen to what anyone says to you, just think for a goddamn second that the faggotry on this board might possibly begin and end with you guys.
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