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Originally Posted by disGUSt(tx) View Post
Okay, backpeddling mr. super semantics, instead of apologizing for being a complete dick about everything to the same people, you just rationalize it over and over again. You act like the new people are problem with this board, but who the fuck wants to post here with you acting like you're God's gift to this forum? Please kill yourself and never come back here.
what backpedalling? i said i never implied anything up to that point ('cause i was pretty explicit.. which was my only implication so far) which was 100% true

not "new people", but only you, illumifag (fuck, he was hated even on the btbam forum. let that sink in for a second), skeet and 6kid6. i have never insulted or been disrespectful (as far as i remember) to dripping, 1.3.8 (or whatever he calls himself now :P), etc...
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