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Originally Posted by ShadowHunter View Post
i never said i deserve respect (and i most certainly don't care for yours or illumifags.. 'cause if i got it i would have known i have done something very very wrong in my life). and i never edited anybody's post except to fix links or embeds, nor have i ever deleted mine unless it was a double post or something that was already posted by the time i finished posting mine

and those aren't implications. i explicitly said he did drugs and that he's stupid. i never implied it. i guess that's really hard to differentiate for someone with an above average iq
Okay, backpeddling mr. super semantics, instead of apologizing for being a complete dick about everything to the same people, you just rationalize it over and over again. You act like the new people are problem with this board, but who the fuck wants to post here with you acting like you're God's gift to this forum? Please kill yourself and never come back here.
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