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The suggestion that this thread should be about discussing already released albums and not upcoming albums is not a bad one, as it would remove the confusion of having to differentiate between when people are talking about one or the other and would make for a better thread as only good albums would be discussed and not potentially good albums.

The problem however lies in your approach, Shadowhunter, to propose such an idea.

Exhibit A:

Originally Posted by cry0fth3carr0ts View Post
can we just list shit that's already come out and not stuff we're looking forward to?

would make everything a lot easier
Here is a suggestion with no transgression on other posters and no assumption that this was the only intent of the thread starter. The suggestion is open and up for discussion.

Exhibit B:

Originally Posted by ShadowHunter View Post
dear god so many idiots itt... it's a thread for recommendations, not band news (since *hint hint* there's already a thread for that)

my one and only contribution: Addaura - Burning for the Ancient. decent (better than most) hipster/faggy "black" metal
The first thing you do is insult almost everyone in the thread (people who enjoy black metal and would contribute to this thread). The second thing you do is not suggest anything, but to claim as a fact what the purpose of the thread is, based on a few things the thread starter said. You're absolutely right that the TS does intend for recommendations of albums that have already been released, but you haven't the slightest idea if he would be opposed to the discussion of upcoming releases, you simply assume so (I would assume otherwise, if he is a black metal fan, why would he not want to know the upcoming black metal releases of this year?). You make another condescending and sarcastic remark and then finally you make a contribution to the thread, which is great, that's exactly what is needed for a thread like this to prosper.

But do you see what I mean ? There's no need to impose your assumptions on everyone else and act like your word is fact, insulting them in the process. Have some class.
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