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Success is subjective. Money is only success for those who dream of it; unfortunately the american "dream" of being numbed by material possessions and wealth is forced onto all of us through our social institutions.

Whether or not you acknowledge it, you're going to die someday. Don't be afraid, don't pity yourself and don't stop living... death is part of the natural cycle and should be celebrated the same way birth is. What am I getting to here? Life is short. You don't know when you're going to die, there are no guarantees and your life could stop at any minute.

The moral of the story? Dwelling on the past is wasted time. Chase what makes you feel alive and don't ever give up. You might have had some hard time recently but don't let it get you down, you might not have what you want, but at least you're breathing and capable of chasing your dreams. No matter where you end up, it's the journey that counts.
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