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Originally Posted by F0RBIDDEN View Post
Also hate being negative. I'm such a pessimistic worrying faggot, I'm trying really hard lately to be positive and happy and generally be a pretty pleasant guy to be around because I hate being around negative people so I don't want other people to feel the same way about me... Dunno what it is that makes me this way but I really want to figure out how to just take life as it is and enjoy the fun parts and not worry about the bad, those are the kinds of people that are successful and have the closest friends and put smiles on people's faces when they enter the room. I want to be that guy dammit!
successful people don't just take life as it is.. they succeed(or achieve highly) mostly by seeing bad thing or opportunities and either correct them or use them to their advantage. success is just a word, there's no real universal guideline to measure it on.. one mans success is another mans walk in the park. people you described only exist through the help of synthetic drugs.. or spirituality and i'm willing to bet those who embrace life spiritualy don't have what you would call success. to enjoy life.. one needs to know and face the bad parts of life.. so they can measure the two up, it's only then that someone can REALLY enjoy life.
why would you want to force change upon yourself and mold yourself into so idealistic image just because you think it will make your life better and make change you into a better person?... sounds more like a faker to me.
this is just my philosophies and thoughts, I don't know what kinda dude you are in person, though i doubt your not a horrible person..
man, if you want to succeed at something.. then all you need is the will and the drive to reach that mark of success. If that's what you think will make you the most happy at the end of the day then that's all you need to aim for.. anything else should come naturally.. You don't have to go changing yourself and who you are to do that..
unless you're a complete worthless downer fuckwit.. which by the sounds of things your not.. then all of that should just be the difference between making up your mind and not.
i don't think you should be getting caught up on the idea that you need to change who you are.
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