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Originally Posted by Grindmasterflesh View Post
love shizzle and relationship shit is the worst
Yep, fucking crazy how one person can make you stress out, worry and just generally be completely over the top upset just because of your own imagination...

The only thing that's ever gotten me as down as relationship/girl stuff is just worrying about trying to live a happy, fulfilled life and trying to make major decisions like that...

Right now I've got this awesome paying job where I work, but at the end of the day when I leave this place, my experience here is completely worthless anywhere outside of this specific industry. I get paid a shit ton of money to do braindead bullshit data entry basically, and the only reason I make what I make is because I work on a remote as hell construction site 4000km away from where I live. Now I have a mortgage and a $26,000 car that I can't afford to pay for unless I continue to work here, and I also have a girl that I love with all my heart back at home that I can only see once a month while I'm stuck here at work, and because I can't leave this place in the near future I just have to hope that she can put up with it until I can get the hell out of here. The plan now is to start my electrical apprenticeship in the spring so that I actually CAN leave this place and have something solid to rely on to pay the bills. I'd start it where I work now, be done my first year spring of 2010 and then I could leave this place and continue my apprenticeship at home when I have enough experience to get an apprenticeship job that will pay me enough that I can afford my bills.

Just really fucking depressing to think that if I had stayed in university, I'd be fucking DONE 6 months from now and have my fucking computer science degree. Seemed like a lot of fucking work 3.5 years ago when I started but it's making me kick myself in the ass now that it would've been almost over... Life will work itself out though, it always does, I just feel really fucking helpless being handcuffed to my fucking job 4000km away from everyone I care about and not being able to do a goddamned thing about it other than wait and hope that I still matter to everyone when I get back.

Word of advice people, fuck money. You only live once, spend that fucking time chasing whatever it is you care about and making it happen. Do whatever the fuck it takes to be happy.
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