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I used to put in quite a bit of effort when I first started listening to them 10 years ago. It was harder back then not only because I had no real ear training, but because I was making what they were to doing out to be more than it really is. If you can chew bubblegum and walk at the same time, you can figure out the rhythm for a Meshuggah riff and/or song, it just takes persistent practice. If you work on ear training, specifically rhythm dictation in this case, it gets easier and becomes fun. More rhythmic cells will be knee-jerk for you and you wont even have to think about what they are because you've practiced them so much that you've internalized them. You'll begin to hear rhythmic displacement, concepts such as diminution or augmentation being applied to their phrasing, a subtle but basic polyrhythm might be in effect for just a measure, etc. All kinds of fun and interesting things to keep you engaged if you're into that. I do this stuff all the time if it's something that really sticks out to me and I want to know what it is, not just with Meshuggah, but with any band or composer. And of course, sometimes it's nice to shut off the intellectual side of your brain and let the intuitive side take over for awhile, but when both sides can get along it's probably the best feeling in the world. I mean in general, not just with Meshuggah, lol.

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