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Originally Posted by Oleg View Post
Love the fact that each song exists as its own entity. Although, I can't get into Demiurge, seems like a less captivating version of Swarm.
Demiurge doesn't sound like swarm at all to me.

Certain songs I haven't been crazy about are starting to grow on me a bit more. I'm liking parts of swarm much more than before. The solo, for example, literally sounds like millions of locusts swarming around your face trying to eat you alive. Meshuggah, like no other band, can REALLY put sense into their song titles. Overall I still am a bit bored with the song and rarely have an urge to listen to it.

Break those Bones kind of hit me earlier tonight when I was driving around stoned listening to it, haha. The groove is played with such feeling and there are a lot of awesome little nuances in the picking technique that I didn't really notice before.

Marrow still owns my life.
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