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Decrepidemic - Debut out on Sevared Recs.

CORPORECTOMY Within The Weak and The Wounded mCD Ger Sevared Debut CD of ... CORPSEFUCKING ART The Art of the Fucking CD Ita Despise the sun rec brutal death ..... GOLDENPYRE Decrepidemic CD in DVD box Por Exorcize Brutal death ...... CRYPTICUS "Dedicated To The Impure" CD (debut out now! pure horrorsplatterdeath! .As long as Permeated Rec. supports and rel... Posted by SEPTYCAL GORGE - new ... The ultrasick US label SEVARED RECORDS will repress our debut full ... EMBRYONIC DEPRAVITY, DECREPIDEMIC (IN STUDIO), Decaying Purity. MySpace profile for SEVARED RECORDS with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, ... every Sevared Records release for the rest of Sevared Rec. existentence! .... DECREPIDEMIC (PRE-ORDERS UP!!!) ... CORPORECTOMY

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