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Originally Posted by entwinedwithsickness View Post
i was very sick 4-5 years ago, everything I ate or drank was turning to diarrhea instantly. I farted and shit my pants. TWICE IN ONE WEEK. There is nothing quite as dehumanizing as shitting your pants when you are in your 20's.
that shit happened to me a while back when i was in HS. took my gf home cuz i had a feeling something was gonna happen to her if i didnt go. turns out when we left, 3 gangbangers and a chick walked past us and were lookin at her, so i looked back and im bigger than these fucks. so they ran back to me and one was actin like he was pullin out his gun which he didnt have. his 2 buddies socked me in the back of the head which never hurted cuz i laughed at them and the one guy had to jump to reach my face. ill give him credit, he had a good hit but yeah, shat diarrhea for 2 weeks. like i wasted a whole roll in two hours. i got sick from it but whatevs.

back to the main point, i cant shit when my girls around. so when shes stays for a day or 3, i have to hold it in because when i need to shit, i wanna fart my ass off, make noise and pass my fuckin log out and walk away 5 pounds lighter.

as far as sex stories- i basically choke the bitch, smack her on the ass until my hand marks are fully shown and red. snag her hair back and one time, cuz i was in the mood for being funny and an ass, i i was gettin head and when i came, I made the same sound the street fighter characters make when they get beat. that "OOOOOOHHHH OHWA OWHA OWHA" sound. i got punched in the stomach but i loved it. im plannin a donkey punch in the future.

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