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We are back from the Italian tour!
It was a blow and a huge success!
We first landed in Milano, where the promoter and the guys of Sinister were waiting for us.
We had a trip of 6 hours till the first venue and got prepared for our first show in a year and the first one with the new line-up! We played a 60 minutes set even tho the venue was filled with about 150 people (thursday night) the place was in the mood!
After the show and some drinks with the fans we headed to the hotel and took the plane the next day in Rome's airport, direction Palermo (Sicily).
The place looked like a semi-open-air disco quite bizarre but top notch indeed.
I perform a banishing ritual just before entering the stage and invoked Kali-Ma.
The concert went on filled with Hatred (one of the most infernal presence on stage I ever had!) and despise some little problems with the sound engineer everything went on like a fist in the face!
Sinister invaded the stage for an excellent old-school DM show, these guys are back with a vangeance for sure!
As the owner of the venue allowed us free drinks for the whole night we spent a white night and took back the plane to Valencia direction Este.
The venue was one of the hottest ever, the gig went fine but in the middle of the set, I piece of string slashed my pinky and I lost a piece of flesh and I spent the rest of the gig playing with my "d" string slashing inside the wound, well shit happens... Another success, but a very quite audiance.
Last date: Codevilla, a place we know as we played there four times previously. The Thunder Road has always been kinda cursed as each time we played there our sound was just pure bullshit.
But this night things went different; after my usual rite, we entered the stage and the sound was just perfect, the audiance even tho tired, enjoyed it and we delivered a conplete set + encores, we ended up the black mass by "Bloodline" dedicated to Glaurung for his last offical show with Enthroned.
The show ended up with a whole crowd clapping their hands and shouting "hail Satanas!" (the perfect ending for a tour).
The opinions of fans and people were almost all the same: The new Enthroned is definitely darker and more intense than before.
Some regreted the friendly atittude of Sabathan on stage, but admited that the band gained in intensity and atmosphere.
After some refreshments we went amongst the audiance to witness the last concert of Sinister on this tour... Pure Death Metal, how it should be!
If the guys of Sinister ever sees this shitty report :
You guys rule! We return you the compliment you did to us on that evening!
After being on the road for 15 years and meeting a lot of bands, you were amongst the nicest guys we toured with!


N & Enthroned
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