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Gates 08-05-2011 11:43 AM

Offense Records
Offense Records is dedicated to bringing back the long yearned black and death metal with the atmosphere of the 90s. Offense Records stands only for the one and true musical format - the vinyl. Our aim is also to publish exclusive quality fan merch.

Offense Records accepts promos from the bands that correspond to the criteria above. Please do not send your mp3's directly via e-mail - all such e-mails will be deleted. Offense Records will not return the delivered materials.

offensezine. com
info(at)offensezine. com

Offense Records
P.O.Box 4
74091 Harjumaa

Upcoming releases:

Sorts (Est)/ Cales (Cz) “Tribute To Bathory” split 7” EP
Zornestrieb (Ger) 7” EP

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